Secure File Exchange (SFX)

Secure File Exchange (SFX) provides a unique and powerful services-based alternative for secure collaborative document and file management. With SFX, community members can control user access rights and privileges (e.g., view, check out, author, approve) as they share virus-free documents in a secure, auditable environment.

  • Inbound fax support (optional) - SFX folders may have attached fax numbers so document contributors can fax documents directly into the exchange to share with community members.
  • User access management - assess to folders, sub-folders and files is based on a user’s role (e.g., Viewer, Contributor, Collaborator, Administrator, SuperAdmin). Controlled by folder administrators, access can be granted for an individual user or a group of users.
  • Document workflow - With document workflow, structured process and file/folder status help support the management of a collaborative process. Workflow is optional and may be applied at a file- or folder-level.
  • Integrated anti-virus - Industry-leading anti-virus software protects all files placed in SFX.
  • Support for large files - SFX allows users to collaborate on files of sizes up to 50MB.



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