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Are there various roles in SFX?
Yes, there are many roles in SFX. Learn more about roles >>>
  • Each role has unique privileges.
  • Every folder in SFX can be set up to allow access to any combination of these roles.
  • By default, subfolders and files within a folder inherit the folder access rights. However, folder owners can modify the access rights on any subfolder and/or file they own.
  • Your view of folders/files in SFX will most likely be different than another user's view, based on roles assigned to you on a particular folder/file.
Can I have more than one role in SFX?
Yes, a user may have any number of roles in SFX.
A folder or file owner is able to add any user to any role (except Administrator) on the item. For example, you may be a Contributor on File A, and a Collaborator on File B. Learn more about roles >>>
I am not able to update a particular file. Why is this so?
The SFX Administrator assigned a role to you in the SFX Repository as a default role.

However, a folder or file owner is able to add any user to any role (except Administrator) on the item. In this case, it seems you may have been given only Viewer or Contributor rights to the item. Learn more about roles >>>

Why is the Submit for Approval menu option grayed out?
The menu option may be grayed out because workflow is not required for this file, or the file is not in draft status. You must check out the file which locks it into draft status, and then submit for approval. How to check out a file >>>
Why is the Paste menu option grayed out on a file after I copied it?
You cannot paste from the file drop down menu, so this menu item will always be grayed out. Paste a file into a folder by using the folder drop down menu, or navigate to the folder and use the Folder Actions button in the toolbar.
How can I require approval on a file?
If your SFX Administrator configured all items in the repository to require approval, then you are all set, and workflow is automatically enabled.
  • Changes to your file will automatically require approval by the approvers that were established at the repository level for all folders /files within the repository.
  • You are not able to turn off approval workflow for your items, nor are you able to select your own approvers.

When approval is not turned on at the top repository level, and not required by the folder owner / administrator, you are able to require approval on files for which you are the owner. How to require approval>>>

How do I download all files within a folder?
Use the Download Zip File option on the folder menu. Learn how >>>