Directed Communication

Directed Communications allows portal community members to create, send, and track “one-to-many” messages. The features include:

  • Targeted bulletins and broadcasts—create, send and track time-sensitive, user- or group-specific bulletins and broadcast messages (e.g., system notifications, policy changes, articles of interest).
  • User and group alertscreate users and manage user and group alerts via e-mail, fax or pager. Include secure attachments and enable users to forward e-mail alerts to users outside the Covisint community.
  • Audit and reportingaudit and report on the life-cycle visibility. Serves as a repository for all communications including: author, recipient(s), contents and timing (e.g., created, sent, received and viewed).
  • Encryption/file compression—ensures security and efficiency in bulletin and broadcast message delivery. Search and sort—provides metadata fields to support search by article, author or date range.



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