Content Management System (CMS)

Covisint’s Content Management System (CMS) is a computer application that allows users to collaboratively create, edit, and publish web content to a portal page on a web site, without requiring technical knowledge of HTML or the uploading of files or images. Roles are based on the permissions granted to access various capabilities (i.e., features and functions) of the system, and users are typically assigned to one of the following roles:

  • Portal Content Administrator (Also known as  Self-Service Portal Administrator)
    Portal Content Administrators have full access to all features and content within the content management system. They can manage pages across the entire system, manage content and template layout, add/delete portlets, preview changes, and toggle edit controls. Portal Content Administrators have the ability to manage permissions and access to the Journal content management tool. 
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  • Content Publisher
    Content Publishers have varying levels of capabilities based on permissions granted. Typically, this role can manage only content for specific content areas - manage content, preview changes, toggle edit controls, and add documents and images, but cannot manage pages or template layout. 
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