Message Center

Message Center enables simple, secure community communications. It combines the simplicity of e-mail with Covisint’s enhanced security to deliver a global environment for intra-community communications. With Message Center, community members can quickly exchange information and attachments with the assurance that every transaction will be secure, virus-free and fully auditable. Features include:

  • Secure global access - Like all Covisint community services, Message Center is accessible from any Internet connection using a standard web browser.
  • Inbox - Create, receive, respond, forward and organize sent, received and deleted messages from community members. Plus, inbox status is conveniently delivered in a drag-and-drop portlet on your home page.
  • Standard and customized folders - Create, edit and customize folders to organize your messages. Message Center uses a standard, non-hierarchical folder structure to give you maximum flexibility.
  • Integrated anti-virus - All data and documents passing through the Message Center system are scanned for viruses utilizing industry-standard anti-virus software. Virus-laden documents are quarantined and destroyed.
  • Attachments - Messages exchanged using Message Center can contain one or multiple document attachments. Unlike today’s e-mail restrictions, Message Center’s integrated  security enables you to exchange messages and attachments up to 50 MB.
  • Compliance and security - All messages exchanged via Message Center are fully auditable and governed by the policies and access rights delivered by Covisint.



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