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Are there various roles in Directed Communications?
Yes, there are four roles in Directed Communications(DC), three of which can be assigned to other users.  Each role has various privileges and a user can have one ore more roles assigned at any time.  Those roles are:
  • Reader - All logged in users with access to DC are automatically considered 'readers', this is not an assignable role. View bulletins, set up alerts and subscriptions for self
  • Author - Composes bulletins and submits for approval, view audit report
  • Editor- All of Author + Approve, reject, and retract bulletins
  • Administrator - Assign user roles, create and manage categories and subcategories
Why can't I publish a communication?
Only users with the Editor role are able to publish a communication. Most likely, you've not been assigned the Editor role, check with your Administrator.
How can I see who has read my directed communication?

Authors, Editors, and Administrators can use the Reports funciton to view the 'Message Read Audit Report'.  Learn how >>>  or watch the video >>>

The Bulletins Read Audit Report can only track logged in portal users, and cannot include users that read a bulletin via their email system. If the author set the publication option to "Publish to portal and send bulletin via email", the record of users that have/have not read the bulletin may not be accurate because some may have read the bulletin in their email, without ever logging in to the portal. Such users are not included in the audit report.

How will I know when a new bulletin has arrived?
You are also able to receive an alert in your email when a new bulletin is published. By setting alerts, you will receive email notifications each time a bulletin is published within the community you have selected. Learn how to set alerts >>>.
When looking at the DC portlet, unread messages are identified with a sealed envelope icon, indicating that you have not yet opened this new bulletin.
What happens to a bulletin after the effective date has passed?
After the effective date has passed, the current message becomes part of the archive files.
As an editor, when approving a bulletin that is targeted to a specific group of users, should I be able to see see the bulletin on the portal after I approve it, even though I do not belong to the targeted group?
If the editor is not in the targeted group selected by the bulletin creator, the editor can only view it when it is in the pending approval state.