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Validate that I am looking at current account information?

Every time your browser refreshes a page at, the current status of your account is displayed.

To be sure you are looking at the latest information, click the browser's Reload or Refresh button.

On the Track page, click the 'Update status' button.

Log in to HyperSend?

If you are a current member, simply enter your email address and password on the following log-in page:

If you have HyperSend installed and running (yellow, triangle-shaped icon in your taskbar) simply click on it to display the menu and go to the desired web page. HyperSend will automatically log you into the site using the address and password entered when HyperSend started, or the one you told it to remember.

Send more than 10mb per month?

When your needs exceed the free usage levels, you can purchase added capacity online as needed, or sign up for a HyperSend Full-Service Account. Both of these options are described in more detail at

***NOTE: To purchase additional capacity, you must be logged into as the account that will be associated with the purchase. HyperSend must have an active user account to link the purchase to.

Businesses can also purchase group capacity plans which offer the convenience of one bill for all the HyperSend needs of an entire organization. See for more information.

You can find a statement of your current Account Balance under the Options tab for your account. You will also find a link that allows you to purchase additional capacity.

Send a reverse charge delivery?

To send a reverse charge delivery, two things must take place:

  1. The recipient must enter the sender's address in his or her Address book, with permission granted to reverse the charges.
  2. The sender must select Reverse the Charges on the send page before clicking the Send button.

HyperSend handles reverse charges deliveries in the same manner as standard ones. It posts them on the recipient's Pick up page, and displays an icon in the RC column. HyperSend picks up reverse charges deliveries and stores them in the Local Inbox along with all the rest.

The size of the delivery and the number of messages used (one for each recipient in the To: list) will be deducted from the recipient's rather than the sender's capacity.

Note: If a reverse charges delivery exceeds a recipient's available capacity, the delivery will be held. Once enough capacity becomes available on the recipient's account, the delivery will become available for pick up.

Send files at a later time?
You can set up a HyperSend delivery to send files at a later time, using the Scheduled Deliveries feature. This feature allows you to select the time of day you want files to be uploaded to the server. Delivery times can be set at any half-hour increment by choosing the desired time from the drop-down list.
Repeat a scheduled delivery?

You can repeat a scheduled delivery by setting the options labeled Repeat this delivery how often: Choose daily, weekly or monthly. For weekly and monthly deliveries, select the appropriate day.

HyperSend stores the list of recipients and your scheduling preferences. Items in the Send list as well as anything in the HyperSend Outbox are delivered at the time and day you set through these options. If you want a message to accompany the files, enter it in the Message field. HyperSend includes the same message each time the delivery takes place.

NOTE: Scheduled deliveries are not uploaded to the server until their appointed time. DO NOT encrypt a scheduled delivery if you are unavailable at the time the delivery is ready to go (e.g., 2:00 a.m.). HyperSend prompts you for the password when it uploads the delivery to the server.

Change a scheduled delivery?
If you need to change anything about a scheduled delivery (e.g., you need to remove one of your recipients) delete the original delivery through your Tracking page. Then go to the Send page and create a new scheduled delivery including the changes.
Get information about files I have sent?

The Track page lists all the deliveries (groups of files and messages) that you have sent within the last 30 days. It can be sorted by Tracking number, recipient, subject, date and time sent, and status. You can also cancel any delivery at any status level and it will no longer be listed unless you check 'Show cancelled deliveries also'. Click on the tracking number to view the details of the delivery, such as the time and date.

HyperSend assigns a status to each delivery, based on where it is in the process of going from the sender to the receiver. The status may be any of the following:

  • Pending: The delivery has been created, but the files may not have reached the hypersend server yet. Try refreshing the web page.
  • Ready: The delivery has reached the HyperSend server, but one or more of the recipients have not picked it up yet.
  • Completed: All the recipients have picked up the files.
  • Cancelled: The delivery has been deleted without being picked up by the recipients.
  • Error: There has been a problem with the delivery. Click the tracking number, or the error status indicator itself, for more information.
View cancelled deliveries?

Information about files you send via Hypersend remains available, even if you cancel the delivery. To look at deliveries you've cancelled:

  1. Select Track from HyperSend menu, OR click the Track tab on
  2. Select "Show cancelled deliveries" to view all deliveries you have sent.
  3. Click on a Tracking number to view the details of that particular delivery.
Invite someone to use HyperSend?

You can invite a friend or colleague to use HyperSend by sending them a message or file via

When you send a delivery to someone who does not currently have a HyperSend account, they will automatically get an invitation by regular email that includes instructions for signing up and getting the HyperSend.

Open encrypted files?

All files sent via HyperSend are protected by SSL encryption. For this level of security, all the procedures are performed "behind the scenes". Users will not be prompted for any type of password.

If the sender selects SSL plus Encrypted Envelope on the Send page as the security method for a delivery, he or she must enter a secret word or phrase just before the file uploads. The recipients will be asked to enter the secret word or phrase before they can receive the file. We recommend that you share the secret passphrase through some secure method outside of HyperSend.

Sender - A dialog box asking for the secret word or phrase appears on the machine just before the upload begins. So, it is best not to schedule a delivery with the encrypted envelope security setting enabled, unless someone will be in attendance when the upload is scheduled to occur.

Recipient - A dialog box requesting the secret word or phrase appears immediately after the delivery is selected for pick up. So, it is a good idea to have someone periodically check the recipient's machine for deliveries that require the secret passphrase. If the auto-download feature is enabled for the account, all non-encrypted envelope deliveries will be waiting for download behind the encrypted envelope one. The encrypted envelope delivery must be retrieved first. Then all others will be downloaded immediately following.

Use HyperSend from a different computer?

You can log onto using any computer with an Internet connection. HyperSend displays your latest account information whenever you click the browser's Reload or Refresh button. Usually, HyperSend will prompt you to install HyperSend whenever you log on from a different computer. Be Aware - If you want to send or receive files using a different computer, you will need to:

  1. exit HyperSend from the first computer.
  2. install and run HyperSend on the different computer.

HyperSend should not be running on two computers and logged into HyperSend as the same user account.

Send files and messages via HyperSend?

To send files and messages via HyperSend, you need HyperSend. This is a yellow triangle-shaped icon that appears in the lower right corner of your computer screen next to the clock.

If you don't see HyperSend on your screen when you need to send files: Click Start > Programs and look for HyperSend. Point to it, and select HyperSend Agent from the pop-up menu.

  1. Log in to HyperSend with your email address and password.
  2. Click HyperSend icon, and select Send from the pop-up menu. Your browser (Internet software) will start up and display the HyperSend Send page.
  3. In the box next to the To: button, Enter the complete email address of each person you want the files sent to. Each address must include the @ sign and a period, and must not include the < symbol or spaces. Separate the addresses you enter by typing a semicolon between them.
  4. In the Subject box, enter a short, descriptive title for the delivery. This subject will appear on the Track and Pick up pages, as well as notification emails for the delivery.
  5. If you like, you may type a message in the Message: box. The contents of this box display on the delivery's details page, and are delivered to each recipient as a text file. You can send files without entering a message.
  6. Click the Browse button, highlight the first file you would like to send, and click Open. To send multiple files, repeat the Browse procedure for each one. When you are finished, you will notice that all the files you've selected are listed in the Files to be Sent: box.
  7. Scroll down to the Advanced Options area, and choose the settings you want.
  8. Click the Send Button. The browser takes you to the Track page. HyperSend changes from a triangle to a key then an upload arrow. HyperSend uploads the files. When the transfer finishes, click the 'Update status' button on the Track page. Your new delivery will be 'Ready' for the recipient(s) to pick up.
Cancel files sent via HyperSend?

The sender can cancel a HyperSend delivery before anyone picks it up:

  1. Click on the HyperSend agent and choose Track from the pop-up menu.
  2. Check the box to the left of the delivery you wish to cancel.
  3. Click on Cancel Selected Deliveries. If the user has not picked up the delivery, it will be cancelled and no longer available to the recipient(s). Your track page will no longer show the delivery, unless you select Show cancelled deliveries also.

The sender can only cancel deliveries before anyone picks them up. If one or more recipients have already picked up delivery, the sender cannot cancel it. A Recipient can delete a delivery from his or her pick up page instead of picking it up:

  1. Click on the HyperSend agent and choose Pick up from the pop-up menu.
  2. Check the box to the left of the delivery you wish to delete. Click Delete Selected Deliveries.
Use HyperSend with compression?

Most files can be compressed before sending. This process provides a smaller file which then requires less capacity. To enable or disable compression follow these steps:

  1. Click the HyperSend agent and select Options.
  2. Click the Account Settings link.
  3. Select or deselect Compress files before upload.

When this feature is selected, files will be compressed on your computer before they are uploaded to the HyperSend server. This may increase the time it takes to send the delivery to the server, but it can shorten the time it takes the recipient to download.

Tip: Some types of files, such as .zip or .exe files, are already compressed. You will not see faster downloads of these files using HyperSend with compression.

Purchase more capacity?
  1. After you log in, go to the Options tab and click on the Account Balance link. You can view your current capacity and a link is provided to purchase more capacity.
  2. You can purchase multiple units of sending capacity in 50Mb (or 500 message) units or a Full Service plan which allows unlimited sending and automatic monthly billing for usage.
  3. You will then be asked to provide your personal and credit card information.

For details on purchasing, view the 'Purchases options' page on

Change the location of my Local inbox?
  1. Click the HyperSend Agent (yellow, triangle shaped icon in your taskbar).
  2. Select Settings, which will display a dialog where the Inbox directory can be set using a browse button.
  3. After hitting OK, all incoming deliveries will now be stored in the chosen folder location.
Send files protected with a password?
  1. At the bottom of the Send page in the Advanced Options, check the option for SSL plus Encrypted Envelope. With this option, data is encrypted at every stage of the delivery process.
  2. When it is ready to upload the delivery to the server, HyperSend pops up a password/confirm password dialog. The secret word or phrase is case-sensitive, cannot contain any spaces, and must contain at least six characters. Your recipient will be prompted to enter the word or phrase when his Agent attempts to download the delivery.
  3. Determine a secure means through which you will share this secret word/phrase with your recipient(s).
Schedule file deliveries at a specific time?

At the bottom of the Send page, you will find the Advanced Options. You can set the delivery to occur immediately or later at a specified time (half-hour increments). You then choose how often you wish to repeat this delivery (once, daily, weekly or monthly). stores the list of recipients and your scheduling preferences. Items in the Send list as well as anything in the HyperSend Outbox are delivered at the time and day you set through these options. If you want a message to accompany the files, enter it in the Message field. stores the text as well, and sends the same message each time the delivery takes place.

Keep in mind that the files will not be moved to the server until the scheduled time so make sure the files will still be available and that HyperSend is left running in the system tray.

If, at a later date, you need to change anything about a scheduled delivery (e.g., you need to remove one of your recipients), you must delete the original delivery through your Track page. Create a new delivery with the changes you wish to implement on the Send page.

Change the folder that HyperSend sets as my Local Inbox?
  1. With HyperSend running in the system tray, right-click and select Settings.
  2. In the Settings dialog, use the browse button to browse to your desired folder and click the folder name. Or you can manually type the folder name directly into the selection box, e.g., X:\My HyperSend Deliveries.
  3. After making your selection, click OK to save. All new deliveries will be stored in your designated folder.

Note: Be sure your Windows user account has permissions to create folders and write to folders. Check Control panel, User accounts to view your account security settings on the PC.

Check Agent and Delivery Activity?

Look in your system tray (lower right corner of your screen) by the clock. Do you see a yellow triangle icon?

  • No - Then HyperSend isn't running. Click Start, (All) Programs, HyperSend, HyperSend Agent to launch HyperSend.
  • Yes - Then HyperSend is running, but it may be logged in as a different user.
    1. Hover your mouse over the icon. The logged-in user address will appear over the icon.
    2. If the address is not the appropriate one, right-click the icon.
    3. Select 'New Login' from the pop-up menu.
    4. Complete HyperSend Login dialog with the appropriate email address and password.

Delivery Activity

Check the Track page on HyperSend to view the status of outgoing deliveries.

  1. Right-click HyperSend icon.
  2. Select 'Track' from the pop-up menu. A browser window will open. Your Track page displays with information about deliveries sent by you.
  • Deliveries with a 'Completed' status are ones that have been picked up by the recipient.
  • A delivery with a 'Pending' status is either a scheduled delivery, or one that HyperSend hasn't uploaded yet.
  • If the 'Pending' delivery has a future date and time in the 'Sent' column, this is a scheduled delivery. It will not change status until the date and time associated with it has been reached.
  • If the 'Pending' delivery has a current date and time, then HyperSend hasn't uploaded it. Check HyperSend to see if it is running. Take corrective action to start HyperSend.
Pick up deliveries?

HyperSend is the required piece of software that will retrieve files and messages from Download HyperSend from:

If the link is not clickable, copy and paste the entire URL - from 'h' to '1' - into your browser.

  1. On the page with the 4-step instructions, click the 'Click here' link in step 1. This initiates HyperSend download and installation. If you are prompted with any Windows security alert dialog(s), click the 'Run' button each time.
  2. HyperSend install will finish with an Agent Login dialog box. You will need to enter the email address and password that you used to open your HyperSend Account into this Login dialog.
  3. Click the Login button and HyperSend will access HyperSend. It will reside as a yellow triangle icon in your system tray next to the time.
  4. Right-click the icon, select 'Pick up' from the pop-up menu. This will open a browser window to your Pick up page on HyperSend.
  5. On the Pick up page, click 'Pickup All Deliveries'. Every delivery with its file attachment will be transferred to your local inbox.
  6. To open your local inbox, right-click the Agent icon and select 'Local inbox' from the menu. This will open a Windows Explorer window to C:\HyperSend Inbox. You will find folders for all the deliveries that were retrieved. Documents sent to you will be found in the individual delivery folders
Perform a basic data flow check?

To confirm that the data flow process is running, follow this checklist.

Check HyperSend

  • Is HyperSend running and logged into HyperSend?
  • Look at the system tray for a yellow triangle icon. If there is no icon, HyperSend may be running as a service.
  • Look in the Services Panel.

Check the Control Panel, Administrative Tools, Services for Hypersend.exe. Make sure the service is 'Started'.

Check the Control Panel, Windows Scheduled Tasks for a "HyperSend Agent" task.

Check Service Panel for HyperSend - Does HyperSend have 'Started' status in the Status column?

Check the Track page - Are there deliveries 'Pending', 'Ready', or 'Completed'?

  1. Log into
  2. View the 'Track' tab; or right-click HyperSend icon
  3. Sselect 'Track' from the pop-up menu.

'Pending' means files have not been uploaded to the HyperSend server.

Make sure HyperSend is running and logged into HyperSend.

Check the Date Sent column. If the delivery has a date in the future, it is a scheduled delivery. - '

  • Ready' means the files are uploaded and awaiting pickup by the recipient.
  • 'Completed' means the files have been picked up by the recipient.

Check Windows Scheduled Task - Is HyperSend*** or in the list with a scheduled time? Check Control Panel, Scheduled Tasks and look for HyperSend in the list.

Check the 'Status' column.

*** You may see another scheduled task with a different name, such as Outbox or the name of your interface. Check its status to see if it is started. If it is not, contact support for assistance.