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Error Codes

What are common upload errors I may see?
Cannot open file [upload] - Before HyperSend can upload a file, it has to open it. Make sure another application does not already have the file in question open. If so, save the file and close the application.
No capacity on HyperSend [upload] - Your delivery is 'Held. The capacity needed for the delivery exceeds the amount of capacity currently in your account. Once you purchase additional capacity online, the delivery automatically converts to 'Ready.' You do not need to click the 'Retry' button on the details page.
  • Server unavailable or network congestion [upload or download] - There are two possible causes of this message. Either the HyperSend server itself is not responding to connection requests, or your Internet access is encountering problems.
  • If you have a download error, go to your Pick up and look for a red Tracking number. Click the the number in red to view the Pick up details page for the problem delivery.
What are common download errors I may see?
  • Access denied [download] - Your disk may be full, or the temp directory or storage directory is inaccessible. HyperSend downloads files to a temporary location (as a safety measure before writing them to the designated inbox directory) before it actually stores them in your local inbox. If there is not enough disk space, this error is reported. Resolve the disk space issue, then click the 'Retry Picking up this Delivery' button on the Pick up details page.
  • Unable to write to file - disk may be full [download] - Same as above, the inbox location where the files will be stored on your system may not have enough space to store the files. Resolve the disk space issue, then click the 'Retry Picking up this Delivery' button on the Pick up details page.
  • Size of downloaded file is not the size expected [download] - If you receive this pick up error, contact HyperSend Support for a resolution.
How do I resolve delivery upload problems?
If there is a problem with a delivery, check the Status column on your Track page. Here are the indicators, a description of each, and suggested resolutions.
Pending - A delivery is pending if:
  • the upload process has not yet begun for the delivery.Make sure HyperSend is logged in as the account that created the delivery. If HyperSend is running, right-click the icon in the system tray, select New Login. If it is logged in under a different account, change the login information to match the sender.
  • the delivery is in the midst of uploading files and hasn't completed yet.Wait until the Upload Progress dialog disappears, then click the Update Status button on your Track page. This causes the Track page to refresh and change the delivery status to 'Ready.' Web pages require an action to refresh and update the information displayed.
  • the delivery is scheduled to occur at a later time and/or date. Click the Track ID number to view details of the 'Pending' delivery. The scheduled time and date that the delivery is to occur will appear at the top of the details page under the header information.
Held - Your account does not have enough capacity remaining to cover the size of this delivery. Of, if the delivery is a reverse-charge delivery, the recipient's account does not have sufficient capacity to cover the delivery. Visit the purchase options page to purchase additional capacity. In a reverse-charge delivery, inform the recipient that more capacity is needed. Once a purchase is made, the capacity is immediately available. The status will automatically change to 'Ready'.

Error - The delivery is in an error state. Either a file that you have selected for uploading cannot be found in the drive/folder you have specified or a file selected for uploading is open by another application.
  • Click the 'Error' status to view the delivery's details page.
  • Verify which error situation is reported then resolve it.
  • After you have resolved the problem, click the "Retry to Send this Delivery" button on the details page to resend it.
  • In some cases, you may need to click and start over. [E.g., The delivery was created with files stored on a network drive but that drive is no longer accessible.]
The files I picked up yesterday were lost when my hard drive crashed. Can I go to HyperSend and pick them up again?
No, once a delivery is retrieved, the files contained in that delivery are no longer stored on the HyperSend server. When all files in a delivery have been successfully downloaded to your PC, they are removed from the server. The only way to recover files that have already been picked up is to contact the sender and have the sender recreate the delivery.
I'm on my Track page which shows a delivery with a Pending status, even though my HyperSend is running. I didn't see an upload progress dialog appear when I clicked Send. What could be wrong?
  1. First, check the HyperSend's login. Make sure you are logged in under the account which created the delivery. To find out which account is logged in, hover your mouse over the HyperSend icon in the system tray. HyperSend reports " on" Or right-click and select About from the menu.
  2. Next, confirm that HyperSend is not in an error state (red X). If there is a red X, hover your mouse over the icon, note the error message and resolve it. If you are unable to interpret the message or determine a resolution, contact HyperSend Support.
  3. If there is no red X, hold your mouse over HyperSend to see what the text message reports. If you see "Waiting on Internet connection", HyperSend is receiving a report from your operating system stating you do not have an active Internet connection. (For example, your DUN connection to the Internet is not currently online.) Resolve the connection issue so HyperSend can gain access to the server.
After HyperSend installation finished, I received a page fault that HyperSend did not run. The page fault stated "HyperSend.exe caused a page fault in module Jscript.dll." What is the solution?

The Jscript.dll is a Microsoft system library that is required by HyperSend. If the version of Jscript.dll on your system is earlier than, you may need to update your Jscript.dll to resolve this issue. An easy way to update this system dll is by upgrading Internet Explorer to 5.5 or later.

To verify the version of Jscript.dll on your system, open Windows Explorer, then browse to the Windows, System folder. Find Jscript.dll and right-click the file name. Select Properties, then click the Version tab. To update your Internet Explorer, go to

While trying to pick up a delivery, my Internet connection was lost. After I reconnected to the Internet, I logged into HyperSend and went to Track. The Track page showed the ID number of the file which was in red. The rest was grayed out. What do I do to recover from this pickup problem?

The red Tracking ID number indicates an error message.

  1. Click the ID number to view the Pickup Details page. You will see the Pickup error message in red.
  2. Read the error and take action to resolve it. (In your case, you already have by reconnecting to the Internet.)
  3. Click the 'Retry Picking Up this Delivery' button located at the bottom of the page.

As long as your HyperSend is logged in, the file(s) should begin downloading to your local inbox.

I have a delivery on my Track page that is marked with 'Error' in red in the status column. How do I find out what the error is and how do I recover from it?
  1. Click 'Error' in the status to view the Track Details page for the delivery.
  2. Scroll down the page to view the 'Sender error' message that is displayed in red letters above the file list on the Track Details page. Some common sending errors are 'file not found' and 'unable to open file.'
  3. Review the details of the file(s) in the file list to help you resolve the error. For example, if the full path to the file you are sending is A:\My Work\Daily reportABC, make sure you have the correct disk in the A:\ drive.
  4. Once you have resolved the cause of the error, click the 'Retry to Send This Delivery' button located at the bottom of the page. As long as your HyperSend is logged in, the delivery should begin uploading.

The 'Error' status will be updated with 'Ready' once the upload has completed.

What should I do about initialization errors during uploads/downloads?

Problem: While HyperSend is uploading or downloading a file, an error message continues to appear then reappear after being dismissed. The error messages display only while HyperSend is uploading or downloading. The file progress dialog does not display.

Cause: The use of JScript.dll is restricted on this machine. When HyperSend attempts to display the file progress dialog, Oleaut32.dll tries loading JScript.dll which then fails. This restriction is usually a result of a Microsoft security utility called Policy Editor. However, others do exist.

Solution: Once all deliveries have completed you can disable the HyperSend "Show progress..." setting through HyperSend menu, Settings. Since the progress dialog is not displayed, it may appear that the file transfer is not progressing, but it is. The appropriate HyperSend icon (e.g., envelope with arrow pointing up for uploads) will display.

Another way of resolving this issue would be to remove the restriction of loading the JScript.dll. Please contact your system administrator or software vendor for assistance.

How can I resend a delivery when I have an error on my side, but there is no red X on my HyperSend? Can I resend it through my Track page?

Yes, there is a 'Retry Sending this delivery' button on the Track details page. If you are the sender of the delivery, and the delivery goes into an error state,then...

  1. Open or refresh your Track page.
  2. Click the 'Error' status of the delivery to display the Track details page for the delivery. On this details page is a description of the error (e.g., File not found).
  3. At the bottom of the page is a 'Retry Sending this delivery' button along with the other buttons.
  4. Once you have rectified the error (e.g. placed the desired file in the appropriate folder), you can click the 'Retry' button. HyperSend will then try the upload again.