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User IDs

How do I reset my password?
  1. Navigate to the Login Screen.
  2. Click Forgot Your Password.

  3. Key in your User ID and then click Submit.
  4. Key in the answer to each security question in the corresponding open text fields. Your answers must match exactly that which you entered during your initial registration, including case and space sensitivity. (The Answer field is a case-sensitive field. You must remember exactly how you keyed in the answer during registration).
  5. Click Submit. The first half of the new, system generated temporary password is displayed on the screen. The second half of this temporary password has been emailed to the address you entered during registration.
  6. Write down the first half of the temporary password from the screen, and obtain the second half of the temporary password from your email. This temporary password is a single use password, and is a combination of letters and numbers totaling eight characters (i.e., 9AG877BO). The user is forced to create a new password the next time the user attempts to login, as in steps 7 - 13 below.
  7. Click Login from the Password Reset screen.
  8. Key in your User ID and 8-digit temporary password in the corresponding fields. (Recall that the first 4 digits were displayed on the screen, and the remaining 4 digits were emailed to the address with which you registered in the system).
  9. Click Login. The Update Password screen is displayed.
  10. In the Current Password field, key in the complete 8-digit temporary password you have just obtained.
  11. In the New Password field, key in the new password you wish to create.
  12. In the Confirm New Password field, key in the new password you created in the previous steps.
  13. Click Update.
video Watch how to reset your password  

Where can I see portal password rules / requirements?
A list of password rules are available in several places:
  1. Click show PW rules to view password rules / requirements. This link is is displayed on every page in which users are prompted to change their passwords:
  2. Read the rules on the Change Password screen, and click the more password rules link to vieiw more details. Note: The screen shot below is for example only. Rules displayed in the screen shot below are default Covisint password rules. Your organization may have customized the rules, so your screen may have different information on it. Be sure to read the password rules for your organization..
Why is my portal access showing up as inactive, and how can I get it re-activated? 
Your portal access becomes inactive if you do not launch an application in the portal for a specified amount of time. Please be sure to access applications regularly to keep your portal access intact. Your administrator can re-activate your portal access for you (note: Covisint cannot reactivate your inactive portal grants; only your administrator can do that).
My ID is suspended, how do I get it reactivated?

You will need to contact your administrator. Covisint cannot re-activate suspended IDs, only your administrator can do that.

How Do I...?

Request access to an application?

You have a few options, you could videowatch the video to see how to request an application or follow the steps below:
(Steps below exclude requesting access to the Covisint Connect application. See the next FAQ for details regarding Connect access).

  1. Log in to the Administration / CCA tool of the portal.
  2. From the My Profile drop down menu, click Request Service Package.
  3. Click request next to the package you wish to request.
  4. Enter the reason for request in the open text box.
  5. Click continue.
  6. Repeat steps 1 - 5 as necessary for additional service packages.
How do I request access to Covisint Connect?most pop
Register for a Covisint User ID?

Follow the steps for the appropriate registration scenario at



The IDcipherTM Card  (which may be used with "up-level" authentication) provides a method of requiring two-factor authentication (something the user knows and something the user has) for logging in to the portal. The card provides: 

  • a low-cost, easy-to-use, easy-to-deploy authentication mechanism
  • an extra layer of assurance for users to authenticate to a secured system
View a Sample IDcipherTM Card >>>


The IDcipherTM card is an 8x8 matrix of cells each containing randomly generated four-character lower-case alphanumeric value (number 0 and letter o are excluded). Each IDcipherTM Card is unique per user.

How The Card Works

The card is emailed to the user in PDF format

The user prints out a hard copy of the card

When a user attempts to log into the portal, after keying in the correct user ID and password, the system may1 prompt the user for an IDcipherTM Card value of a randomly picked cell (for example: column C row 4)

The user enters the value as read from the IDcipherTM card when prompted.
1 You may not always be prompted for the IDcipherTM value. Learn more >>>
IDcipherTM cards do not apply to federated users. Users accessing the standalone portal from any site deemed not a low risk (i.e. they are working after regular business hours, landing in from IP addresses of non-registered sites such as when working from home, a hotel vs. the hospital or clinic) will be prompted to key in the required value from their IDcipherTM cards.


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