Automated Scout Installation Instructions

  1. Click on the URL for Scout Enablement:    The Scout Enablement screen is displayed:
  2.   image_accesscode
  3. Enter the Access Code provided to you by your PSO in the Access Code open text field.
  4. Click Access.  The Practice Information screen is displayed:
  6. Verify the accuracy of the practice information, and modify if necessary. *Required fields are identified with an asterisk.
  7. Authorize Covisint support personnel to remotely control your computer after the installation by enabling the YES radio button.  If you select NO, the installation process will be canceled at this point.
  8. Click Confirm. The File Download dialog box is displayed.  view the file download dialog screenshot >>>
  9. Click Save.  When the download has completed, the InterfaceInstaller icon is displayed. 
  10. Note: If the security warning such as this is displayed:

    Then click the Link to Download at the bottom of the screen:

  11. Double-click the InterfaceInstaller icon.  The install dialog box is displayed.
  12.  Click Run.  The Webex Support Manger and the Covisint Scout installation dialog box is displayed. view the Webex and Scout dialog box screenshot >>>
  13. Click Install.  The WebEx Support Manager and Covisint Scout download and installation process is initiated.  view the processing screenshot >>> 
  14. Click OK to continue the Scout setup. The system processes the setup, and a message is displayed, confirming that you have completed the installation portion of Scout Enablement.  view the confirmation screenshot >>> 
  15.  Send email notification to inform Covisint to finalize the complete installation process by sending an email to  Be sure to include your practice name and access code in the email.

Result:  You have successfully completed the installation portion of Scout Enablement.

What happens next? Covisint will take action on the email you sent (during step 12) and will contact you with next steps.