Complete the following process to acquire Middle East Free Zone Enterprise (FZE) EDI certification.

Important: GM allows a total of 5 weeks for the certification process. This provides approximately 1 week for implementation and internal testing, 3 weeks for integration testing, and 1 week for cutover to production.

  1. Review the information on the GM EDI Certification main page.
  2. Review required messages. You can find information regarding required EDI messages and EDI guidelines in Document Library on GM SupplyPower to prepare for your EDI implemenation interal testing. If you do not have access to GM SupplyPower please contact the Covisint EDI Certification Team.
  3. Perform internal testing. You have one week to verify that your EDI implementation can correctly process the required messages.
    Hint: Use the messages provided in the Test Samples section below to help test your implementation.
  4. Download and Complete the Supplier EDI Information Form.
  5. [Optional] If you do not have a Comm Code, download and complete the Request a new COMM Code form.
  6. Request Certification Testing. Create an EDI Certification Test Request ticket at and attach the completed Supplier EDI Information form and the optional Comm Code request form. Include the following information in the ticket:

-  Customer:

-  Supplier:

-  Supplier Duns

-  Supplier code (any known)

-  Comm Code or Trading Partner ID

-  VAN (if known)

-  EDI Contact Name

-  EDI Contact Phone

-  EDI Contact Email

Note: If you do not have an account on the Covisint Request Tracking (CRT) system, click here and register as a New User, then submit your request.

  1. Complete Certification Testing.  Once you submit the certification testing request, you have three weeks to complete integrated testing with Covisint.  A certification agent will contact you to provide certification testing instructions.
  • Complete certification testing as instructed by your certification agent.
  • You will send all test data to GM’s testing COMM Code, ZD4:ZZ.
  1. Cutover to Production. When certification testing is successfully completed, you will have one week to complete cutover to the production system. To successfully exchange data on the production system:
    •  You or your vendor must set up a trading partner relationship between your three-character COMM Code and B2A:ZZ.
    • Send your data to GM’s production COMM Code, B2A:ZZ.

Supporting Documents

EDI Guidelines are available on GM SupplyPower

Knowledge Base