If GM has indicated your company needs to be setup and certified for EDI transmissions, complete the following process.

I. Select and Implement an EDI Method

You have two options regarding EDI connection methods:

  1. Implement an in-house software direct-connect method. Select from one of two methods:

    • Implement your own software solution to access Covisint Connect to directly connect to GM's systems.

      If you use your own software solution for the Covisint Connect direct connection method, GM will pay for the EDI traffic between your company and GM.

    • Implement a solution through a VAN (Value Added Network) provider.
      If you use a VAN, you will be responsible for all charges

  2. Use a third party service provider.

If you use a third party service provider you will be responsible for all charges.

Contact Us to recieve a list of EDI software and third party service providers.

Note: You must implement your EDI solution before you begin the next step.

II. Complete Division-Specific Certification

Complete the requirements for your division. Click a link below to navigate to the division-specific requirements:

  • MGO  - Materials Global Operations, for assembly and component transactions.

  • CCA (SPO) - Customer Care and Aftersales (Service and Parts Operations), for transactions related to parts sales and other after-sale customer support.

  • FZE - Middle East Free Zone Enterprise, for transactions with suppliers located in areas such as Africa and the Middle East.

  • Indirect (Non-Production) - for transactions with suppliers of products used by GM facilities for non-production purposes.

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