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Submit a Help Desk Request for Covisint Connect, EDI Messaging or Supplier Connection

Use this form to open a web-based support request ticket at  Here you are able to log in and track the progress of your ticket from creation through resolution.

What Happens Next?

  • After submitting your help request, your ticket will be addressed within one hour, during our normal business hours.1
  • The person that created the ticket will receive email notification each time an action is taken on this support request ticket.2
  • The person that created the ticket may log in to this ticket system (CRT) at any time to view details and updates regarding your request for help.2


Contact Us

AP REGION +86-(21)-6171-3290

AP Region includes:

  • China
  • Holden (Local 1-800-30-1019)
  • Korea 
NA REGION 877-884-5775

NA Region includes:

  • Canada
  • LAAM - Brazil & South America
  • Mexico
  • North America


  • Press prompt 3
EU REGION   +49 6102 57970-0

EU Region includes:

  • Europe
  • LAAM - Spain
  • MEDC - Middle Eastern Distribution Center
  • South Africa

BRAZIL  0800-891-4352

1 If your organization has purchased a service level agreement(SLA) with Covisint, that SLA policy supersedes the general information stated above.

2 If you are not the ticket creator, you will not receive email notifications nor will you be able to view ticket details/updates by logging in to the ticket system (CRT).