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Category: ASNs and DESADVs

How do I check status of my ASN?
From the Transactions menu, locate the transaction you wish to view by searching or via the Recent Transactions tab.  Once the transaction is identified, the Summary Information screen is displayed by clicking on the Message ID number.   Show me how...

My transaction (such as an ASN) failed. What happened?
Transactions can fail for a variety of reasons at various points in the transmission process, such as recognition upon receipt, implementing processing rules such as mapping, or attempting delivery to the receiver. To understand why a particular transaction failed, find the message under the Recent Transactions tab. There is a short description of the error on this summary page. For more information, click on the Message ID to view the transaction details. (alternately, you may perform a Transactions Search.)  Show me how...

Was the DESADV accepted by GM?
Log in to Covisint Connect to see if DESADV was received without error, then check MGO/SPO/Saturn system to see if accepted by GM Plant.

Why was the DESADV rejected by GM?
Log in to Covisint Connect and view the failed DESADV for an explanation as to why it was rejected.

Category: About Transactions

I can't find a message. Where did my message go?
If a message you sent or received is no longer viewable in the user interface, there are a few options to try to locate a message. First, if the message was sent more than 15 days ago (or the current online time frame according to the Archive Policy), then this transaction has been moved offline. If you need to view this message, then request a restore from the archive. If your message was sent less than 15 days ago, and not displayed on the Recent Transactions tab, perform a search to look for the message by control ID, document type, trading partner ID and several other criteria.  Show me how...

Can you reprocess a schedule?
Yes, please provide your Comm Code or Duns number and the document type/date you wish to have reprocessed. If you are looking for a particular part number please provide part number and Plant Cisco Code.

What happens when I "redeliver" a transaction?
A transaction that is "redelivered" is re-sent to the receiver in the form and format that it was saved for the receiver. The transaction is NOT sent through Covisint Connect again for reprocessing. If you need a document reprocessed (the transaction is taken in the form that it was sent from the sender, and goes through all the processes in Covisint Connect), call the Covisint help desk.

How is the priority for a message assigned?
The document type of a transaction determines priority. The Covisint hub assigns a priority of Urgent, Important or Batch. The Consortium that founded and funded Covisint Connect determined these priorities based on the business needs of particular document types.

What is the difference between a message ID and a control number?
A Message ID is a unique identifier assigned by the Covisint system to an individual transaction. A Control Number is an alphanumeric transaction identifier assigned by the sender.

What is the difference between a document type and a transaction type?
A document type is a designation defined by a standards organization to inform trading partners what type of standard business document is represented. A transaction type identifies the technical nature of a transaction as processed by the Covisint system, such as a compound transaction, single transaction or a carbon copy transaction.