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Profile Administration

Category: Users

How do I add/delete notifications for a user?
Follow the steps provided in the Managing Notification Subscriptions section of the Connect Administrator Guide >>>.

Why can't I add Connect application to my existing users?
Connect cannot be granted. Users must request access by completing the Connect Registration Wizard at:

Get help using the registration wizard >>>
What permissions do the different type of users have?
There are three "roles" for users in the Covisint Connect user interface: Basic user, Read-Only User, and Trading Partner Administrator. A user can have one role under each trading partner profile he/she has access to.
  • The Basic User role can view transactions, view notifications and print reports.
  • The Messaging User (Read-only User) role can view all areas of the trading partner profile, including transactions, trading partners, channels, notifications, and reports.
  • The Trading Partner Administrator role can view and edit all areas of the trading partner profile.
Why can't I add a user to the trading partner profile?
In order to add a user, this person must have first completed the following requirements:
  1. Become a user in the Covisint Exchange under the same organization as the trading partner profile (need URL wizard)
  2. Be approved to access the Covisint Connect user interface by your organization's CSA (Covisint Security Administrator) in Covisint's organization and user administration tool. After these steps are complete, then a trading partner administrator can look up the user from the Covisint Connect user interface by selecting "Add Users" under the Administration section, in the table called "Profile users".
A second option for profile access is to have the user login to the Covisint Portal, and access the Covisint Connect user interface after they have been approved (step 2). They will be prompted to select a trading partner profile, and request access. Then, the trading partner administrator can approve this request under the Administration section, under the sub navigation called "User Administration."
Why can't I add the Connect application to my existing users?


Category: Profile Setup & Administration

How do I request access to Connect?
Connect cannot be requested. If your organization is currently registered for Covisint Connect, contact your security administrator and ask that they send you an invitation to register for Covisint Connect. - or -
  1. Sign up for Connect at the registration wizard at:
  2. Complete the registration wizard which will be approved/rejected by your administrator.
Why must I provide an emergency contact?
If transactions processed through your profile are causing many alerts or notifications, possibly because of a system outage, then a Covisint administrator may notify your emergency contact. This should be someone who is authorized to make system changes.
Why can I only have one payment account per profile?
Your profile should be created with the assumption that all related billing costs should be sent to one payment account. If you want transactions billed to more than one payment account, then you need more than one trading partner profile. NOTE: Each trading partner profile requires unique sender/receiver codes.
Why would my organization use more than one trading partner profile?
To administer trading partner relationships separately by restricting data access among trading partner administrators. OR to bill transactions to separate payment accounts. Restriction: sender/receiver codes must be unique under each profile; codes cannot be shared among profiles.
What sender/receiver codes should I add under "Identifying Sender/Receiver Codes"?
List and add any and all codes that your trading partners use to identify you. A trading partner profile must include all sender/receiver codes by which this trading partner is identified by its trading partners. This can include codes under different coding schemes, such as DUNS, phone number, or other proprietary code.

Category: Notifications

Why should I set up notifications?
Notifications enable trading partner profile contacts to receive alerts immediately when an error occurs with a transaction. This allows these contacts in the organization to review and troubleshoot any problems when they occur.
How can I be paged or called about notifications?
The Hub supports alerting trading partner contacts through email addresses. If you would like to be paged or called by text-enabled cell phone, then enter the email address that sends to that communication device. Contact your pager or cell phone company to find out the email address for receiving pages or calls.
How are notifications/alerts escalated?
All contacts listed under a specific error type will be alerted when a notification is created. A Covisint Administrator/Monitor may call the emergency contacts listed under the profile if multiple consecutive alerts relating to a trading partner's system are sent.