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How do I reset my password? 
  1. Navigate to the Login Screen. 
  2. Click Forgot Your Password.
  3. Key in your User ID and then click Submit.  
  4. Key in the answer to each security question in the corresponding open text fields. Your answers must match exactly that which you entered during your initial registration, including case and space sensitivity. (The answer field is a case-sensitive field. You must remember exactly how you keyed in the answer during registration).  
  5. Click Submit. The first half of the new, system generated temporary password is displayed on the screen. The second half of this temporary password has been emailed to the address you entered during registration.  
  6. Write down the first half of the temporary password from the screen, and obtain the second half of the temporary password from your email. This temporary password is a single use password, and is a combination of letters and numbers totaling eight characters (i.e., 9AG877BO). The user is forced to create a new password the next time the user attempts to login, as in steps 7 - 13 below.  
  7. Click Login from the Password Reset screen.  
  8. Key in your User ID and 8-digit temporary password in the corresponding fields. (Recall that the first 4 digits were displayed on the screen, and the remaining 4 digits were emailed to the address with which you registered in the system).  
  9. Click Login. The Update Password screen is displayed.  
  10. In the Current Password field, key in the complete 8-digit temporary password you have just obtained.  
  11. In the New Password field, key in the new password you wish to create.  
  12. In the Confirm New Password field, key in the new password you created in the previous steps.  
  13. Click Update
How do I register for a User ID?
I lost my idcipher card. what should i do?
Log in with your current user ID and Password. When prompted for your IDCipher code (up-level authentication), click Request a new IDcipher™ card.  A new card will be sent to the email address listed in your user profile. 
Where can I see portal password rules / requirements?
A list of password rules are available in several places:
  1. Click Show Password Rules... to view password rules / requirements. This link is is displayed on every page in which users are prompted to change their passwords:  
  2. Read the rules on the Change Password screen, and click the more password rules link to view more details.
Who is my Security Administrator?
You can find out who your Security Administrator is by clicking the My Administrators link inside the application. You will see a list of all users in your organization with administrative responsibility.


How do I create new users?
Create new users by inviting them to register.   To do so, click the Invite User link under the Users tab. The user will then receive an email invitation that provides direction and a link to the self-registration site. Once the user is finished, you will be notified via email. You will then be able to approve the user
How do I terminate users?
To terminate a user, you must first suspend the user. Suspend any user in your organization by clicking on the "suspend user" button in the user's profile. If there is no chance that the user will need Covisint access at a later date, you have the option to permanently remove a suspended user by clicking on the "permanently remove user" button in the user's profile. To suspend and/or remove users in bulk, use the Audit Users functionality in the Administration menu.
Can I re-activate a permanently removed user?
No, permanently removed users cannot be reactivated. The user will need to re-register to re-obtain access.
What is the difference between "suspended" and "permanently removed"?
Suspension is a state of temporary deactivation. Users, Organizations, and Service Packages can be suspended. It would be appropriate to suspend an employee on medical leave or on a temporary assignment that does not require Covisint access. Once a User, Organization, or Service Package has been suspended the Security Administrator can reactivate the user account when desired, or permanently remove access. A User or Organization that has been permanently removed cannot be reinstated and must re-register to access Covisint applications.